Preserving Family Legacy

Preserving Family Legacy

Magnolia Trust CompanyTM administers trusts for high-net-worth families.
As a trust company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we serve clients across the Southeast.

We partner with investment managers, CPAs, legal counsel, insurance professionals, valuation consultants, bankers, and other advisors.
This allows us to be independent while working cohesively to help achieve your goals.

What We Do


Legacy Preservation

We administer your trust with the mission to protect and preserve your family legacy for generations to come.

Asset Protection

We work with your other advisors to achieve your financial objectives while ensuring the protection, growth, and dutiful management of your assets.

Strategic Planning

As part of the family’s advisory team, we work to identify and implement strategies that best advance your planning objectives.

As an independent trustee, Magnolia Trust Company is dedicated to serving its clients by providing high-quality trust administration services that ensure long-term planning goals are met.

We believe trustee selection is a critical element of successful wealth transfer planning, and that by choosing a trustee who is dedicated, knowledgeable, and objective, the probability of success is greatly enhanced.

Our professionals have years of experience addressing planning and family legacy issues and are uniquely positioned to serve as an integral part of a family’s advisor team.

Why Magnolia Trust CompanyTM?

Our values ensure we preserve your family's legacy for generations to come.

We are thoughtful.

We are diligent, attentive, and
understanding of family nuance.

We are insightful.

We have the expertise to
bring your aspirations to life.

We are vigilant.

We continually strive to identify opportunities and create better outcomes.

We are transparent.

We are open and always act
and communicate with integrity.


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