Magnolia Trust Company was founded and is managed by Moore Colson CPAs and Advisors. The values and approach that made Moore Colson the #1 ranked CPA and Advisory Firm in America in 2017 are at the core of Magnolia’s services.

Moore Colson takes a client-centered approach to accounting.

Since 1981, Moore Colson has applied a client-centered approach to accounting, advisory, and consulting services. The firm gives more value to clients by operating as a non-book-of-business, true partnership, which means every client has access to its entire team of experts. This allows Moore Colson to address each client’s unique needs and challenges.

How Magnolia came to life

As long-term partners with our clients, we have seen the full life cycle of successful businesses – including the legacies the business owners have left behind. We have also observed major gaps in the availability of trusts services for our clients, especially in the Southeast. In response, Magnolia was founded by Moore Colson in 2019 to provide trust administration services in a client-centered manner.

The heritage of Moore Colson’s sophisticated tax strategies and client-centered approach allows Magnolia to help individuals and families achieve their aspirations and create long-lasting legacies.

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